John Prescott


House Party!


I’m working on a passion project. It’s a sequel to 1990’s House Party, which happens to be one of my favorite movies.

That’s a wrap!

Great day today. Had a blast experiencing an amazing subculture. I will post pictures soon!


Lights! Camera…tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the shoot! I’m very excited. It’s been a while since I’ve been on set! Updates tomorrow.

Next project lined up!

This one is a bit hush, hush at the moment but I will fill you all in when I can!

Trailer time.

Quick update. I’ll be on set on 4/3, for a trailer we are shooting for a project I wrote. Exciting! A bit of a vague tease of what’s to come

IMDB page has been updated.

Go, go, go! Check it out.

– John Prescott


Write what you know.

It’s the best way to give your story a certain degree of authenticity.

P.S. This isn’t my saying.

– John Prescott

Update on new project.

A proof of concept trailer is in the works for one of my latest projects! Can’t wait!

– John Prescott

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