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“Left on Confession” Playlist

Hey folks! Here is a playlist that I put together that is a companion piece of sorts to my script “Left on Confession.” The songs were picked for their sounds and lyrics. They are are arranged to go from synthetic sounding to organic. This follows the flow of the story. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Why most writers won’t read just anything.

Writers who deny reading your work might do so to avoid this situation. It’s to protect both parties. Either way, protect your work!

What’s up with all the Jacks?

Why are so many fictional heroes named Jack?

Red Winter Press!

9 News – (Video)



Black Film

Bionic News

Sky-Hi News

Vail Daily

The Know – Denver Post

Behind the Scenes of “Red Winter.”

Got a shout out on my film “Red Winter” from footballer Vernon Davis!

Check it out!

Location scouting for “Red Winter.”

First feature is now in pre-production!

14 years in and I’ve finally got a “go” on a feature film I scribed. Strange feelings for sure. Hopefully it’s one step of many.

Just write.

Do it!

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